ELA 10 Eclipse

- Twin seat fully enclosed gyroplane in tandem configuration with a vanguard design and "Premium" finish as standard. The 10-Eclipse is a sexy gyroplane, with a sharp design but harmonic, where every detail has been taken care of both the exterior and interior. The mast, landing gear, wheels, engine ... everything has been faired to give the 10-Eclipse a spectacular finish.

- The interior finish is a work of art, only comparable to the most exclusive cars. Their seats, the upholsteries, the choice of colors ... everything has been carefully made to ensure that all the flight hours you spend in the 10-Eclipse are a real pleasure.


- The ELA 10-Eclipse is a gyroplane of travel, where it has been taken into account the whole aerodynamic design to ensure a high-speed cruise, with a content fuel consumption.

- The 87 liters fuel tank offers an endurance of 4.5 to 7 flight hours without refueling, with an action range of more than 700 km. No other gyroplane will take you so far away!

- Their landing gear fairings have been designed with airfoils that generate lift at high speed, which makes the 10

-Eclipse more efficient when cruising.

- Wheels and mast also have been faired to minimize aerodynamic drag, which ensures that we can cruise at more than 160 km/hr.

- Equipped with a powerful rotor pre-rotator, which is able to achieve 300 rpm before starting the take off. With the ELA 10

-Eclipse you can operate on short ULM´s runways.

- Equipped with reliable Rotax aircraft engines 912 ULS of 100 hp or Rotax 914 UL Turbo of 115 hp.


- Ergonomic seats, armrest, headrest ... everything padded and upholstered to offer great comfort.
- Roomy cockpit and very comfortable with adjustable pedals in length. - Cabin heater is standard.
- ELA 10-Eclipse also offers the possibility to remove the canopy in summer and enjoy all the feelings that give us to fly open gyroplanes.
- ELA 10-Eclipse fits as standard a twin advanced exhaust muffler, reducing the engine noise and ensuring total comfort on long flights.


- Robust monocoque cockpit, made in carbon fiber and using the latest techniques of epoxy laminated. - 4 point harness as standard. - Canopy made in aeronautical plexiglass.


- The ELA 10-Eclipse is equipped with two lockable storage compartments that offer to travel with bags.
- Easy to read instruments panel where you can install a Garmin Aera 795 GPS or Ipad Mini.
- Quick release engine cooling intakes to perform the pre-flight checks. - The engine cooling is designed to operate in any weather condition with large air intakes and coolers.
- Functional design of the tail unit that ensures great stability at high speeds without sacrificing maneuverability.
- High performances hydraulic wheels brakes.
- Pneumatic rotor Trim-Brake system.
- Automatic pre-rotator.


- High-performances two-seater, in tandem, gyroplane.
- Fully enclosed, semi-enclosed in summer.
- Lockable storage compartments.
- 87 liters fuel tank.
- Powerful pneumatic prerotator.
- Pneumatic rotor Trim-Brake system.
- Three-bladed carbon fiber DUC propeller.
- Hydraulic wheel brakes with parking system.
- Twin muffler system.
- Strobe light in mast.
- Twin LED landing lights.
- Rotax 912 ULS engine of 100 hp.
- Windscreen for summer flying.
- Cabin heater


- Airspeed, vertical speed, altimeter, compass and rotor tachometer.
- Digital Kanardia EMSIS to control all engine parameters.
- Funkwerk ATR 833 radio with pre-installation for music.


- Metallic: White, grey, yellow, green, orange, red or blue.
- Plain: White, yellow or red.
- Matte: Grey or red.


- Other color that is not standard.
- Rotax 914 UL Turbo of 115 hp.
- GPS Garmin Aera 795.
- Instruments panel for Ipad Mini.
- Funkwerk TRT800, mode S transponder.
- Double controls for instruction.
- Navigation and strobe lights.

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