ELA Agro

The ELA 07 AGRO is a professional gyroplane designed specifically for the fumigation of agricultural crops. It can apply liquids at low and ultra-low volumes and can also be used as a tandem autogyro with dual controls.

The fumigation boom has 8.25 meters wingspan, resulting in a swath width of 10 meters plus overlap. The boom can be easily and rapidly folded, allowing for the gyroplane to fit into minimal hangar space. It can also be flown for ferrying with the boom in its folded position, greatly reducing drag. The gyroplane is fitted with a GPS to fly fumigation-specific tracks and has a 120 litre-capacity tank for fumigation product.

Standard equipment

Stainless steel frame
Body and tail made in carbon fibre.
Wheel pants
Powerful pneumatic pre-rotator
Carbon fibre engine propeller
Carbon fiber Duc propeller
High energy ELA rotor
75 liters fuel tank with measuring tool
High quality seat covers
Front seat with pocket
120 liters product tank
Pressure regulator valve on cockpit


Airspeed Indicator
Vertical Speed indicator
Vertical card Compass
Rotor trim/Brake pressure
Rotor Tachometer
Engine tachometer
Cylinder head temperature
Oil temperature
Oil pressure
Fuel pressure
Fuel level indicator
Hour meter
Spraying system pressure gauge

ELA Gyro Canada
2295 Av De L'aéroport
Saint-Hyacinthe, QC
J2S 9A6

We are located at the Saint-Hyacinthe, QC airport